Creative Writing


You keep telling yourself you gotta be strong. You keep telling yourself you gotta make it through. You keep doing your best to be at your best. You keep doing your best to help others be at [...]

1 step towards being yourself

At least once in life, everybody has heard the advice “just be yourself”. But how can we be ourselves if we keep telling and hearing from others how we are supposed to be? Nowadays internet [...]

Tinder, why not

In times in which we are constantly connected to our own navel, ops, I mean, to our smartphones, apps, computers and Netflix series, nothing better than an appropriate solution for singles: [...]

We are getting old

You, who already turned 60; your son going through the mid-life crisis in his 40; your niece turning 20 in a few days; your aunt in her 90. Whatever the age, we all know and repeat day after [...]

A successful marriage

My husband always wakes up in a bad mood. Well, actually it’s not always nor exactly a bad mood, but he doesn’t like to talk the first hours of the day and stays often in bed till late. He says [...]

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