Guava Jam Sessions

Compositions for the Guava Jam Sessions – multiartistic jam sessions combining all performers of Sarau Mundi, transcultural event serie at the intercultural center Forum Brasil, Berlin, between 2018-2019

#hashtag lyrics & chords

Words, sounds, images rhyme with rhythms of life.

We will all be hashtagged to each other; it’s a matter of time.

Berlin Syndrome

Berlin Syndrome

Cry like a river

Cry like a river

E49                             A/E

#Cry like a river

E4                                    E

So I can see the #sun shining through the #glass of your tears

#Smile like a mirror

So I can blow away #all my sorrow and fears



Until I stop to weep


Until we both count sheep

A/E                                          E

Until our breath gets soft and deep…


Keep slowing down the speed

E         Am      C/A

Until I fall asleep under your arms


Sing in my ear

So I can hear the #moon fade away and all wounds disappear

Sigh like my dear

So I can be the #sky in the dawn getting clear


E       D/E     E/A   D/E   E/A  E

Until we fall asleep underneath the stars



Gm79                      Go9

Divagando devagar

Gm79                     C79

Devaneios de voltar

Gm79                 A79b

De voltar pra quem


Com devoção amei  2x


Gm7          A7

De voltar pra quem

Ab7          Gm7

Me deixou à mercê


A7        Ab7      Gm7

– À mercê, merci, monsieur –

Merci pour m’avoir oublié

Merci pour m’abandonner


A13  Bb13

Diz que já vai me ligar

Admira o meu cantar

Devolveu o seu jantar

A7            Ab7

Desapareceu no ar, me deixou

– Refrão –


Gm79                  C1311

Devota de Iemanjá

Decora cantigas do mar

Devora amor que não há

Adora se abandonar, se deixar

Musical path

Nina sings since her teens and studied classical piano in her hometown, Porto Alegre, and in Strasbourg. She started composing her songs after realizing that there is no universal standard for aesthetic perfection, at least according to Bourdieu and herself. That was 2014. Later she started playing the guitar to accompany her songs.